Oregonians for Science and Reason (O4SR) is an independent Oregon 501(c)3 educational nonprofit. We are a science-based organization. Our mission is to support evidence over belief and science over pseudoscience.

We promote public understanding of science and scientific methods as the most reliable means of understanding what is real; we support media literacy to combat misinformation; we help develop critical and rational thinking skills to recognize fallacious thinking and detect deception.


O4SR sponsors free educational events such as public lectures and workshops. We hold social events such as local Skeptics in the Pub meet-ups to promote networking among Oregonians interested in scientific skepticism. We collaborate with other like-minded local, national and international skeptics organizations. We serve as a resource on topics related to scientific skepticism for local media. We investigate pseudoscientific and paranormal claims. We participate in science educational activities such as our Corvallis da Vinci Days activity booth and science fair activities. We provide public services such as donating subscriptions of Skeptical Inquirer, the national magazine for scientific skeptics, to local public libraries. We provide scholarships for college students and young professionals to attend national skeptics conferences such as the Skeptic’s Toolbox and CSICon.

You can find many Oregonians for Science and Reason events posted on Facebook and at Meetup.com:

You can find video of some events on our YouTube channel.


Membership is open to individuals who support O4SR’s mission of promoting science and evidence-based thought. O4SR is an all-volunteer organization. We have opportunities for you to volunteer your time, talents and skills, such as writing, editing, hosting events, presenting programs in your area of relevant expertise, and assisting with activities.

Membership assures that you receive announcements of our coming events. Membership does not entitle any member to speak on behalf of Oregonians for Science and Reason. Donations to O4SR are tax deductible in accordance with IRS regulations. Please join us in making the world a more rational place.

You can join now by mailing your membership request to:

Oregonians for Science and Reason
39105 Military Road
Monmouth, OR 97361

You may reach us by email at O4SR.contact@gmail.com