Activity Booths

Oregonians for Science and Reason has run science and critical thinking activity booths at the Corvallis da Vinci Days festival and at student science and math fairs. See more about our da Vinci Days booth below.

da Vinci Days

O4SR volunteers donated their time and creativity to create an outstanding activity booth at the 3-day da Vinci Days celebration held annually on the third weekend of July in Corvallis. The O4SR exhibit was filled with hands-on, mind-stretching activities designed to create insight into our mind and problem solving. The booth activities were created by O4SR members Jerry Andrus, George Andrus, Phil Pennington, Mark Cowan, and John Lahr with extra help from others and a team of 15 to 20 volunteers over the weekend. It was O4SR’s premier annual public event, providing a fun, educational way to meet other O4SR members.

Our booth was very popular, and our “blue ribbon” volunteers ran activities such as the world’s only Human Kaleidoscope, a game of strategy based on the Monty Hall 3-Door problem, a variety of puzzles, and Jerry Andrus’s optical illusions. In 2002, O4SR co-sponsored a pre-festival event with the Amazing Randi.

Take a look back at our some of our booths with da Vinci Days:

YearFestival themeBooth name
2000Look Again!
2001Bridges: Building ConnectionsBridges to Understanding
2002Motion, Music, MagicMagic of the Mind
2003Road to DiscoveryAvenue of Wonder
2004Nature’s CanvasNature’s Invisible Canvas
2005Living LegacyLegacy of Science
2006Tools for ChangeInsight!
2007Motion and CommotionMove Your Mind
2008Flights of FancyMind Flies – and Having Fun
201325 Year Anniversary