Investigations and reports conducted by O4SR members.

Oregon Vortex

Early this century the commercial potential of a twisted and tilted fun-house was recognized by forward thinking entrepreneurs. All it took was some judicious preparation, possibly the embellishment of oft-told Indian legends, and dropping a mysterious circular sphere of inexplicable influence dead center on the “Fabulous Oregon Vortex,” which included the newly-minted “House of Mystery”. This roadside tourist attraction opened for business around 1930, and has been raking them in ever since. – Written by Mark Cowan.

Testing a 300% Efficient Motor

Tuesday, October 19, 1999, turned out to be a much, much longer night than any of us suspected when I met a couple friends and Dave Chapman at Madison High school in NE Portland. We were there to see Dennis Lee, founder and chief evangelist of United Community Services of America and Better World Technologies. Lee was on a whirlwind, nation-wide tour to show off his “free energy” inventions and other technologies to “free America from ‘The Grid’.” – Written by Andrew Greenberg

Underground Pi Digging out from Under Pseudoscience

In the Washington Park Station of the Westside Light Rail Tunnel, in the 16-million year recitation of history that runs alongside a 260-foot core sample of Portland’s West Hills, you will find, etched in granite, the first 107 digits of the transcendental constant pi. – Written by Mark Cowan