A Tomato Is a Tomato – Or Is It? What’s up with Genetically Engineered Food

February 23, 2001

7:30 pm
Portland State University, Science Bld 1, Room 107, Portland, OR

Terri Lomax, Ph.D.

The development, production, and use of genetically engineered food crops is advancing rapidly. It has become a topic of discussion and concern in the media and by the public. Information and misinformation is being tossed around by people and organizations on all sides, many of whom may have political or economic interests in the production and use of genetically engineered foods. Dr. Lomax will discuss the science behind genetic engineering and then discuss its benefits and risks — both real and perceived.

Dr. Lomax is a professor of Botany and Plant Pathology at Oregon State University and a member of OSU’s Center for Gene Research and Biotechnology. She is currently researching plant responses to developmental and environmental signals, especially gravity. She has headed research projects that have been aboard the Space Shuttle.