Crop Circles: Graffiti of the Gods

November 13, 1998

7:00 pm
University of Oregon, Erb Memorial Union, Walnut Room, Eugene, OR

Ted Clay

Ted Clay is a statistical consultant, programmer and skeptical investigator living in Ashland, Oregon. In this multimedia presentation, he shows a set of awesome aerial photos of beautiful crop circle designs from the wheat fields of England. The challenge is to detect evidence of hoaxing. In the audio portion, the audience is challenged to detect the difference between the mysterious sound recorded at midnight during a seance in the middle of crop circle and the song of a grasshopper warbler bird. You get to search for the crop circle artists’ signatures in a group of designs. Taking inspiration from Carl Sagan’s Demon-Haunted World, Clay tries to clearly and respectfully present the arguments for the non-human origins of crop circles. Then in the second half of his presentation, he goes through these arguments point-by-point.