How We Perceive Reality

November 10, 1995

7:00 pm
Wilsonville Public Library, 8200 SW Wilsonville Rd.

Jerry Andrus, magician

Andrus will present a thought-provoking and entertaining evening with magic tricks, personal observations, and a sampling of illusions of his own invention. His illusions show a deep understanding of how our mind works, playing on our focal awareness and short-term memory. They create tandem conflicting inputs which our brain, using rules outside of our awareness, must select the best interpretation of what we are seeing.

Jerry Andrus is a CSICOP Fellow, magician, and inventor of illusions and magic tricks. He is known among magicians as one of the few who can consistently fool other magicians. He is a master at using what he knows about how we perceive the world to create illusions that fool our senses. Things are not always as they seem when Jerry is around!