Natural Medicines

May 6, 2006

EWEB Community Room, Eugene

"The SkepDoc" Harriet Hall, MD

Almost everyone today takes some kind of vitamins, diet supplements, or herbal medicines. What is the evidence to support those practices? What really works and what doesn’t? Is “natural” better? Is it sometimes worse? How can you evaluate the claims of advertisers and alternative medicine practitioners? Hear some horror stories and learn how to protect your health and your pocketbook. The presentation includes humor, sound effects and cute pictures of kittens.

About “The SkepDoc” Harriet Hall, MD
Harriet A. Hall, MD, alias “The SkepDoc,” is a retired family physician/Air Force flight surgeon who writes about alternative medicine and pseudoscience. She is medical advisor to the Quackwatch website and is on the editorial board of the Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine. Her articles have appeared in Skeptical Inquirer, Skeptic magazine, Pensar, The Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine and on the web at