The Vaccine Pseudo-Controversy

June 4, 2010

7:00 pm
Portland State University ~ Science Building 1 ~ Room 107 ~ 1025 SW Mill St, Portland, OR

Mark Crislip, M.D.

This presentation is co-sponsored with CFI Portland.

Vaccines have been one of the triumphs of medicine, making the suffering and death of many infectious diseases a distant memory. As the memory of past epidemics fades, the benefits of vaccines are forgotten, replaced by a fear of their risks. Unlike the very real benefits of vaccines, those risks are minimal, and present fears unfounded. This talk will explore the history of vaccines and the fears they raise, as well as the consequences of declining vaccination rates.

About Mark Crislip, MD
Mark Crislip MD is a board certified Infectious Disease physician and has practiced in Portland for 20 years. He is an associate editor for the Science-Based Medicine blog, where he contributes two entries a month. He also produces the Quackcast, a podcast review of Supplements, Alternative, and Complementary Medicine (SCAM). He is the winner of the 2009 Podcast Award for best Health and Fitness podcast.

Talk is free and open to the public.