Wenatchee: What Went Wrong?

May 20, 1996

7:00 pm
Tigard Water Building, 8777 SW Burnham, Tigard, OR

Kathryn Lyon, Public Attorney, Pierce County, WA

Kathryn Lyon is a public attorney in Pierce County, Washington, and author of The Wenatchee Report, a 200-page investigative report which outlines the nature and abuse of the Wenatchee sex-ring investigations. Lyon will speak on what she uncovered about former and recent evidence of abuse of power by the Wenatchee government; the elevation of local police detective Bob Perez to the status of local hero; the Wenatchee government’s theory that Lyon and other journalists are part of a national conspiracy involving child abuse; and actions intended to silence criticism. Lyon is now working on a nonfiction book about the case for Avon Books.