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Who are Oregonians for Rationality?
 By Jeanine DeNoma 
You may be asking yourself, "Who are the Oregonians for Rationality and why did I get their newsletter?" Let me give you some background.

    In early 1994, CSICOP, after numerous inquiries about an Oregon skeptics organization, sent a survey to Oregon and southwest Washington Skeptical Inquirer readers. The survey response indicated interest for a local group was high.From there, Oregon volunteers went into action. Anyone who had responded affirmatively to the survey began receiving organizational meeting announcements and updates on our progress.

    Since May, a working group of 10 to 12 individuals has been drawing up proposed bylaws, selecting a name, electing acting officers, incorporating, putting together a newsletter, and organizing the upcoming general meeting with Ray Hyman as our speaker. You will now find Oregonians for Rationality listed among the local organizations in the Skeptical Inquirer.

    This is our progress to date, but there is still much to do and decide. We hope you will join and help us in determining our direction from here.

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