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Spirits Advance to Computers
 By Jeanine DeNoma 

According to Mark Macy, president of Continuing Life Research in Boulder, Colorado, spirits have advanced from slate writing to computers in the electronic age. "Since the 1950s what are believed to be faint spirit voices have been captured on magnetic tape," says Macy. A "breakthrough" occurred in the 1980s when "researchers" picked up voices on radios, received TV images and phone calls, and found computer files appearing on their hard disks, all presumably from spirits of the deceased. Macy reports people around the world are receiving messages from dead friends and relatives. Macy claims he regularly receives calls and has radio contact with "ITC [Instrumental Trans-Communication] pioneer Konstantin Raudive, a Latvian psychologist who died in 1974."

     "ITC differs from other forms of interdimensional communication, such as channeling, in that it involves large teams of technically astute spirit-beings who can manipulate both electromagnetic energies and factors of time unique to the physical world," writes Macy in a press release announcing his upcoming talk, The Latest Technological Evidence of Life After Death.

     Macy will be presenting "visual evidence" (slides) and recordings of these "spirit contacts" in a free public lecture in the Rose Room of Harbor Hall (on 2nd Street, just off highway 101), in Bandon, Oregon on Sunday, June 25, 1995 at 7pm. For more information call Winter River Books in Bandon at (503)347-41 1 1. El

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