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     King County, Washington’s regulations governing Class II wetlands lists the common and uncommon species for which the wetlands habitat is to be protected. Listed between beaver and bobcat on the species inventory is Bipedist gigantuous, better known as Bigfoot. The document reads, “Species found on this list were observed during wetland field visits.”

“This list was compiled from a variety of sources, including citizen observations, and there was no judgement made about whether or not the observations were real or imagined. There have been many sightings of Sasquatch over the years in the Northwest, so it is not surprising that it is on the list,” said Clint Lank, the director of King County’s Agriculture and Resource Land Section. In an interview with KUOW radio reporter, Ken Vincent, which aired on National Public Radio’s (NPR) All Things Considered, Lank confirmed Sasquatch does appear on the habitat-protected species list. However, according to Lank, the county has not denied any development permits based specifically on critical Sasquatch habitat.

     A hunting guide from Walla Walla, Washington claims to have sighted Bigfoot this summer in the Blue Mountains along the Washington and Idaho borders. According to Wes Summerland, he and two hunting buddies encountered two Bigfoots, “They scattered. They were in there; I don’t know what they were doing. I have no idea, but the scatter split them. There was one about seven feet tall with an eleven inch track. The other we didn’t get a good look at. It was faster, but it did leave about a 15 and a half inch track.”

Summerland collected tufts of hair he said he found snagged on trees and brush. These have been sent to Ohio State University associate professor, Paul First, for forensic testing. According to an NPR report airing December 29 on All Things Considered, “First wouldn’t agree to a taped interview, explaining the scientific journals and the university are frowning on media discussion of this project until the research is completed and the results are published. First did say that tests have established the hair could be from a nonhuman primate. And he expressed confidence that if this is a hoax his research would expose it.

     Chinese researchers are also looking for Bigfoot, but the search has been hampered by bad luck. One researcher was killed recently in a car wreck in remote northern China. A hunt last spring found nothing. And a search using balloons carrying infrared cameras also failed, according to a January 27 Associated Press report.

     MUFON investigator, Dan Wright, told a Seattle audience that ETs may be short and bald; tall with long blonde hair; colored white, gray, green, brown or blue; or lizard or insect-like. The ETs may or may not be interested in taking blood, tissue and fluid samples. Wright concluded teams of ETs carry out these missions. Each team has a variety of ET types. For example, “very short whitish, grayish or bluish beings” conduct physicals, while tall white, gray or brown ETs supervise the missions. Wright studied reports from 142 abductions as told to 15 abduction therapists. He presented the results of his survey at the recent MUFON convention, according to the November, 1995 Skeptics UFO Newsletter (SUN). The SUN report reminded us that at the June 1994 CSICOP Annual Convention, Harvard psychiatrist, John Mack, and Indiana University folklorist, Thomas Bullard, told that Seattle audience one of the main reason abductees should be believed is because their stories are all so similar.

     For months Oregon residents from Corvallis to Newport have been wondering why utility poles are being wrapped with aluminum foil. The January 20 Corvallis Gazette-Times reports the source of the foil has been discovered. A local homeless man, concerned about safety, spends his days putting up the reflectors to alert sky divers and space aliens to the presence of the power lines. While other people have also begun tacking up foil, this individual’s reflectors are especially neatly wrapped, with the ones meant to alert skydivers placed just a little higher. The aluminum foil, however, will apparently not attract aliens. “You don’t get aliens attracted by tin foil. They show themselves to who they want to show themselves to,” Jim Deardorff, a professor emeritus at Oregon State University and local MUFON member, told the Gazette-Times.

     In August, 1500 Bulgarians gathered for the anticipated 11 a.m. landing of eight spaceships carrying aliens, supposedly coming to pay off the country’s national debt. Their arrival had been predicted by three local psychic mediums. When the money hadn’t arrived by 11:30 a.m. the women claimed the aliens were being scared away by nearby aircraft. By noon the women were blaming President Zhelyu Zhelev, because he would not meet the aliens at the airport. A short time later police were required to escort the women away from the angry mob, according to Pat Reeder, a North Texas Skeptic member who monitors the news wires for Knight-Ridder.

     A hypnotist, psychic and former member of the Russian parliament is threatening to render impotent anyone who tries to evict him from the Moscow apartment which the government has provided as one of the most desirable perks of office. According to the INTAR-Tass news agency and reported by the AP News service January 27, Anatoly Kashpirovsky made his threat in a local newspaper after he lost his seat in the Duma, Russia’s lower house.

     The Pro Facto editorial staff has heard rumors of an unusual health care product out of Ashland, Oregon. The product is supposed to protect against the ubiquitous and dangerous “barcode radiation” given off by barcodes found on most items purchased today. These specially designed labels should be placed over any barcodes which come into your house, especially on food items, to “neutralize” this harmful radiation. According to unconfirmed sources, the labels can be purchased for ten dollars per sheet of 100. If anyone in the Ashland area has further information about this product and who produces it, please let us know.

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